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We are part of Simpsons Malt Limited, which is split into two divisions: Simpsons Malt (malting division) and McCreath Simpson & Prentice (agricultural merchanting division).

Our malting division has a passion for making high-quality malts that are renowned for their exceptional taste and flavour, helping the world's best brewers and distillers craft the finest beers and whiskies.

With direct access to farmers and end users through both divisions of the business, it gives us a unique insight into the supply chain, with a focus on traceability, sustainability and quality.

A fifth-generation family business

Simpsons Malt was founded in 1862 by James Parker Simpson in Alnwick, Northumberland.

More than 160 years on, it remains a family business - now led by the fifth generation of the Simpson family.

The sense of family is a theme throughout the company, with a number of colleagues at our sites having worked with us for two, three and even four decades - many doing so alongside members of their own families. This, we feel, is a vital part of our identity and success.

Our independence and ethos allows us to invest where necessary to sustainably grow our family business for future generations, all while remaining the malt supplier of choice for some of the most innovative and successful brands on the market.

Malting sites

Simpsons Malt operates two maltings in the United Kingdom, which combine to produce more than 250,000 tonnes of malt per year.

Our Tweed Valley Maltings in Berwick-upon-Tweed, which is also where the McCreath Simpson & Prentice production site is located, produces around 200,000 tonnes of malt every year, with the majority of that delivered via bulk wagon loads to whisky distilleries throughout Scotland.

Simpsons Malt also operates a maltings in Tivetshall St Margaret, Norfolk. Tivetshall is become the company’s hub for producing malt for the brewing sector, with the ability to make around 50,000 tonnes of malt per year.

A diverse range of malts

The Simpsons Malt product range features more than 30 malts, each of which have their own unique characteristics.

Our various distilling malt products form the backbone of whisky production, while our base malts - including those made from heritage barley varieties Golden Promise and Maris Otter - are key to providing body and depth in beer production.

Our extensive selection of crystal malt products help to add variations of sweetness and colour to beers such as IPAs, while our roasted malts are vital in the production of darker beers such as porters or stouts.

Global distribution network

As well as our brewing, distilling and food customers in the UK, Simpsons Malt also has a network of distributors who help supply the company's high-quality malts throughout the world.

These distributors are all carefully selected in order to ensure that their company values and high levels of customer service match our own.

The company has a number of trusted distributors in Europe and works with BSG in North America, Bintani in Australasia and Africa Hops in South Africa, with partnerships also in Japan and South Korea.

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