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Regular crop walking

Our Farm Traders enjoy spending many hours of their working week out crop walking.  

By regularly doing this, they bolster their knowledge and can identify trends being experienced during each growing season, while any crop issues faced by our customers can be swiftly addressed and resolved. 

In conjunction with traditional crop walking, our team also have access to Drone AG’s Skippy Scout technology. As a business, we invested in Skippy Scout back in 2019, with the drone-led precision farming technology enabling farmers and our Farm Traders to remotely check weed and disease levels across a field, driving on-farm efficiency. 

Soil analysis

The importance of frequent and accurate soil analysis for soil pH cannot be understated. 

Soil analysis provides definitive information on the status of a soil, helping you to make accurate crop nutrition decisions and maximise the return from your investment. This is especially crucial in the current climate given the volatility of the fertiliser market. 

Our team can work with you to produce precision pH sampling, variable lime application recommendations and mapping through our link with Soil Essentials, while we can also provide nutrient and soil management plans. 

Crop recommendations

With a presence in industry organisations such as AIC and the Pro Seed Group, as well as the Maltsters’ Association of Great Britain (MAGB) Malting Barley Committee through our malting division Simpsons Malt, we consider ourselves at the cutting edge when it comes to crop and varietal choice. 

We can offer accurate recommendations based on your planned rotations, soil type, geographical location and more, while we are also able to supply the seed to you direct from our state-of-the-art seed plant in Berwick-upon-Tweed. 

We also operate trials sites each year, where you can see the latest varieties in the field for yourself and learn about their strengths and weaknesses from our expert team. 

Pest control & disease advice

With ever-changing weather patterns, new crop disease strains and the continued restriction of active ingredients, the prevalence of common crop diseases and treatment of them can vary from year-to-year. 

Through our membership of CREST - an independent, full service team of specialist agronomy companies - our Farm Traders are kept abreast of the latest developments in the industry and can provide information on the best crop protection products to combat disease.

This will help you to maximise yield and, ultimately, profitability.  

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