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We offer a comprehensive range of products and services within our feed department to cater to customers’ individual specifications.

From ruminant feeds for rearing, feeding and finishing to the beef, sheep and dairy sectors, to silage analysis, our expert team – many of whom come to from farming backgrounds – are on-hand to help deliver the best solutions for your farming operation.

Our footprint

Following the acquisition of the grain merchanting business of W.N. Lindsay Ltd in 2021, our feed department expanded significantly as we assumed a contract manufacturing and storage agreement with the Crannoch feed blending plant.

Located five miles north-east of our Keith Grain Store, Crannoch is a ruminant blending site that produces high-quality feed blends, using UK raw materials wherever possible.

From here, the products are either collected by local farmers or distributed throughout our trading area, with a further manufacturing and storage agreement at Springwells near Greenlaw in the Scottish Borders.

Raw materials

In our unique position as both a merchanting and malting business, alongside key partnerships with distilleries for their co-products, we have control over many of the raw materials that comprise our feed blends.

Our Tweed Valley Maltings in Berwick-upon-Tweed is the largest single malting site in the UK, producing more than 100 tonnes of malt residual pellets each week, which are sold either as straights or used in our blends.

Meanwhile, our grain trading team purchase the required tonnages of feed barley from farms local to Crannoch each harvest, while we also manage the collection and distribution of dark grains from North British Distillery and Strathclyde Distillery.

  • "In having oversight over many of the major ingredients in our feed blends, it enables us to produce blends of the highest quality, while maintaining good value for our customers."

    Robb Milne, Regional Sales Director, McCreath Simpson & Prentice

Tailored feeds

In line with our Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS) accreditation, we have the expertise to be able to supply bespoke feeding options, because we understand that customer requirements differ from farm-to-farm.

It means that we can provide your livestock with the feed that they need, rather than just what is available.

We have a range of blends for sheep and cattle across various growth stages – from a calf grower mix and lamb course mix through to finishing rations – while also offering straights and compounds.

Silage analysis

With members of our team on the Feed Adviser Register (FAR), we have the capability to take in silage samples and test them to determine their nutritional value, obtaining a detailed breakdown of its metabolisable energy (ME), sugars, proteins and how it has fermented.

From there, we can identify any potential deficiencies in the ruminant’s diet and supply a product from our extensive range to ensure the best possible feed solution for livestock farmers.

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