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At McCreath Simpson & Prentice, we have a desire to provide our customers with successful small seed crops through seed quality, variety selection and unequalled husbandry support, which is as important now as it has always been.

We can offer an extensive range of grass seed and small seed crops to suit all farming operations, from short and long-term grass seed leys, to game cover and forage crops.

As the focus of land use moves more towards sustainability and soil health, we can also provide environmental mixtures and cover crops, the latter of which our team have been conducting comprehensive research and analysis on in recent years.

Our grass seed mixtures

At our Berwick-upon-Tweed headquarters, we operate a grass seed blending plant with a range of mixtures available to order depending on the requirement of your rotation, from short-term leys right through to permanent pasture.

These mixtures are comprised using only first-choice varieties on the SAC and NIAB recommended lists and, with different varieties from breeders being approved each year, our expert team meet annually to carefully formulate each of the mixtures, which ensures our customers are getting the best possible products.

A member of our BASIS and FACTS qualified team will be more than happy to chat to you to discuss your requirements and, once the mixture has been manufactured, we can provide a swift delivery service through our fleet of vans.

Environmental mixtures

With sustainability and caring for the environment at the fore for both merchants and farmers, environmental mixtures are becoming an increasingly popular option.

Through our grass seed department, we can provide an abundance of environmental options, from nectar and flower rich mixtures to legume and herb rich mixtures.

These provide productive grazing for livestock, while offering a habitat and food source for invertebrates and pollinators to support biodiversity.

As well as the benefits above ground, many of our environmental mixtures can also improve soil structure and overall soil biology due to the many varieties that they have in them.

Forage crops

With their reasonably low input costs and a substantial amount of palatable material produced, forage crops are an effective way of balancing out the bought-in feed requirements of farming operations.

We can provide a range of forage crop seeds, including stubble turnips, forage rape, fodder beet, swedes and kale. These can also be combined in specialised mixtures, which have been in great demand in recent years.

Once ready to graze, which in some cases can be as little as 60 to 100 days from sowing, it is recommended that livestock is introduced gradually over a two-week period.

Game cover

We offer a vast array of game cover straights and mixtures to enable landowners to arrange a successful shoot.

The likes of kale and other brassicas give cover for the whole season, while we can also provide perennial game cover crops such as canary grass or yellow blossom clover, which ensure a valuable year-round habitat for game and reduce workload during busy periods.

Our mixtures, meanwhile, are specially formulated, with the combination of different varieties helping to extend their period of use, ensuring you can achieve the best possible results for your game cover.


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