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We’re proud to have a full distribution agreement with Yara UK, giving our customers full access to Yara’s quality crop nutrition product range.

This supports our BASIS and FACTS qualified Farm Traders to advise on best nutrition practice alongside Yara’s technical and agronomic services, at a time when the agricultural sector is being continually driven towards efficiency and sustainability.

Through Yara, we can provide our farming partners with nitrogen fertiliser (YaraBela range), NPKS fertilisers (YaraMila range) and micronutrients (YaraVita range), while also being able to offer some of Yara’s digital farming tools such as the Yara N-Sensor, BT N-Tester and Atfarm.


YaraBela nitrate-based fertilisers are pure nutrients, offering the required precision efficiency and reliability to meet the agronomic and environmental needs of modern agriculture.

Among the strengths of the YaraBela range is that it gives immediately available nitrogen – present as nitrate and ammonium – for plant uptake while, where included, sulphur is present as calcium sulphate, which is highly soluble so reaches plant roots quickly.

Environmentally, meanwhile, the YaraBela range gives low volatilisation losses, reduced leaching, and has a considerably lower carbon footprint and environmental index than urea-based fertilisers.


YaraMila NPK fertilisers contain combinations of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and, in most cases, sulphur too – the most essential plant nutrients – designed to meet specific crop requirements to maximise crop yield and quality.

Among the strengths of the YaraMila range is that all nutrients are contained in every prill or granule, so there can be no risk of nutrient segregation during shipping, handling or spreading, while all nutrients are applied evenly to the whole crop avoiding uneven application and yield losses.

Meanwhile, a wide range of N:P:K + S ratios and availability of formulas with secondary and micronutrients ensure there is a YaraMila fertilisers for all crop situations.

YaraMila fertilisers

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