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  • 07 December 2023

Alzon neo-N: A more sustainable approach to crop nutrition


As a business that is committed to sustainability, we’re always on the lookout for effective and environmentally friendly fertilisers. One such product is Alzon neo-N.

Alzon neo-N integrates nitrification and urease inhibitors directly into the product without the need for coatings.

In this article, Fertiliser Director David Barrett takes a closer look at the key features of Alzon neo-N and how it compares to traditional coated fertilisers in terms of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental impact.

Understanding Alzon neo-N

Alzon neo-N distinguishes itself by incorporating nitrification and urease inhibitors within the fertiliser, eliminating the need for additional coatings.

This departure from the conventional coated approach ensures that the inhibitors actively engage as the fertiliser breaks down, promising efficient nutrient uptake by the plant.

Alzon neo-N's notable feature lies in its ability to outperform coated fertilisers in terms of efficacy.

As the fertiliser breaks down, both nitrification and urease inhibitors work in tandem, optimising nutrient availability for the plant. This action simplifies the fertilisation process for farmers, offering a practical and effective solution for crop nutrition.

Cost-effective Urea inhibition

Alzon neo-N emerges as a cost-effective alternative for inhibiting urea.

Unlike traditional urease coating treatments, which may raise questions about application amounts and efficacy, Alzon neo-N provides a straightforward solution.

The integrated inhibitors work seamlessly, offering farmers a reliable and cost-efficient method for urea inhibition without the uncertainties associated with traditional coatings.

Environmental considerations

Beyond efficiency and cost-effectiveness, Alzon neo-N addresses environmental concerns associated with traditional fertilisation.

Scientifically proven to reduce nitrate losses by up to 50%, nearly eliminate ammonia losses (6.5 times reduction), and cut down N2O emissions by 75%, Alzon neo-N stands as a more sustainable choice for farmers aiming to minimise their environmental impact.

Challenges with traditional coatings

While urease coating treatments have been widely used, they come with their challenges.

Questions surrounding the appropriate application amount and the limited duration of effectiveness (seven to nine days depending on environmental conditions) raise practical concerns for farmers.

Additionally, the cost of coatings, such as the £40 per tonne premium associated with coatings post-application, adds financial considerations to the farming operation.

Traditional coatings face challenges related to shelf life and deterioration post-application, potentially compromising their effectiveness. Alzon neo-N, with its integrated inhibitors, mitigates these issues by ensuring prolonged effectiveness without relying on additional coatings.

Application rates and dates

Crop Application Rates Application Date
  kg/ha N Alzon neo-N kg/ha Alzon neo-N
Rapeseed 125-180 270-380 In one application before or shortly after drilling
Winter Wheat 125-180 270-380 In one application at the start of growing or 50-60% at the start of growing and 40-50% as a later application in the event of separate applications (two applications are recommended for quality wheat)
Winter Barley 90-160 190-340
Winter Rye 90-160 190-340
Summer Grain 70-150 150-320 In one application before or shortly after sowing or planting
Brewing Barley 50-100 110-210
Maize 100-160 210-340
Potatoes 90-160 190-340
Sugar Beet 80-160 170-340 Approximately two weeks before drilling

Alzon neo-N: A diagram

Opting for Alzon neo-N

Overall, Alzon neo-N presents itself as a noteworthy player in the fertiliser landscape, offering a practical solution that combines efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental sustainability.

With its integrated nitrification and urease inhibitors, this innovative fertiliser provides a balanced approach to crop nutrition.

As farmers navigate the complexities of modern agriculture, Alzon neo-N has emerged as a step forward, promising practical benefits – enhanced yields and a reduced environmental impact.

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