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  • 04 October 2023

Quality blended fertiliser: Introducing our new specific gravity screening system

At McCreath Simpson & Prentice (MSP), we’re committed to supplying only high-quality, accurately formulated fertiliser to customers throughout our trading area.

To further improve product quality, we recently invested £250,000 in a state-of-the-art specific gravity screening system at our fertiliser blending plant in Berwick-upon-Tweed.

How does the screening system work?

From bulk loading bins, the fertiliser products travel through our conveying system and into the screening deck via an overhead chute.

The deck vibrates and the fertiliser falls through the specific gravity screening system. Within this system, there are two different sized mesh screens, one that filters out lumps and the other that filters out dust.

The lumps and dust are transported down chutes into waste bags, while the screened and finished blended fertiliser product goes down a separate chute and onto our fertiliser bagging line. Our team then sample and seal each bag before it goes into one of our storage sheds ready for delivery.

Shaker Deck

How does this benefit farmers?

In successfully filtering out both lumps and dust from the final product, it eliminates many of the common issues that can arise for farmers when it comes to bagged fertiliser purchases.

Those issues include bag set and hardness due to the additional density that comes with having more lumps and dust in the bag.

Bag set and hardness can then lead to inaccurate applications and spread patterns, potentially impacting yield and costing valuable time and money to fix.

Get the right fertiliser for you

At MSP, we regularly stress the importance of frequent and accurate soil sampling for soil pH and our team of BASIS & FACTS qualified Farm Traders can work with you to produce precision pH sampling, variable lime application recommendations and mapping, as well as nutrient and soil management plans.

From there, we can formulate a fertiliser blend or provide a product that matches your exact nutritional requirements, helping you to maximise performance and eliminate any additional fertiliser costs.

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We can deliver fertiliser to you in a variety of sizes, from 600kg to tonne bags or bulk buys of up to 1,000 tonnes.

So, if you’re looking to purchase high-quality blended fertiliser for the upcoming season, contact your Farm Trader today or call us on 01289 330022.

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