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  • 26 February 2024

Exciting News: Explore our 2024 Grass Seeds brochure today!

At McCreath, Simpson & Prentice, we are dedicated to providing high-quality and successful small seed crops and so we are delighted to announce that our 2024 Grass Seed brochure is now live and available to browse. 


At our Berwick-upon-Tweed site, we have our own grass seed blending plant, where our team produce a number of our mixtures in house using first-choice varieties from the SAC and NIAB recommended lists. Our extensive range of mixtures ensures we can meet your needs, whether that be Short Term Leys or Permanent Pasture Long Term Grazing.

Grass Seed Brochure 2024 2

As the agricultural industry continues to prioritise sustainability and soil health, we also offer the following environmental mixtures. By clicking on the names this will take you directly to their individual pages:

Short Term Mixtures

Tyne / Short Term Ley
Forth / Short Term Ley
Sprinter / < 3 Years Silage or Intensive Grazing

Medium Term Mixtures

Aln / 3-4 Year Intensive Cut & Graze
Till / 4-5 Year Cut & Graze
Abundance / < 5 Years Cut & Graze
Maximiser / < 5 Years Cut & Graze

Long Term Mixtures

Coquet / Dual Purpose with Early Bite
Persistor / Dual Purpose with Early Bite
Teviot / Dual Purpose Mixture
Bowmont / Dual Purpose Cut & Graze
Endurance / Dual Purpose Cut & Graze
Tweed / Permanent Pasture
Endurance Upland / Permanent Pasture
Yarrow / Permanent Pasture
MSP Herb Ley / Permanent Pasture
MSP Diamond / Permanent Pasture
MSP Leisure / Amenity Mixture


In addition to our grass seeds brochure, we are pleased to introduce once again our 2024 Your Countryside brochure which includes a variety of environmental mixtures, cover crops, game cover and forage crops, providing more options for you.

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